(or "Boring film stuff that indie filmmakers might find interesting...")

The Hobby Stop is a micro budget independent film shot on location in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The production features local talent both in front of and behind the lens. Principle photography for The Hobby Stop consisted of twenty shooting days spanning an entire summer, shooting three locations mostly on weekends. Extensive B Unit shooting added another ten days to the project. The majority of the film was shot on a Red One, using Canon prime lenses mounted on a Birger mount with an Impero wireless lens controller. Television inset video was shot using a Panasonic HVX-200. The film was mastered in 4K, 2:1. Sound was recorded directly to the cameras using a Sound Devices Mix Pre and Sennheiser and Octava microphones. Sound was mastered in 5.1, and the entire film is closed captioned in English.

In addition to traditional shooting, the film features both 2D compositing SFX as well as computer modeled VFX. All SFX/VFX work was done in After Effects utilizing plug-ins from Video Copilot and Red Giant. In addition to editorial, color grading, audio mastering, and closed captioning were performed in Premiere Pro with additional audio support coming from Audition.